JR HS and HS Sunday School


Sunday school for this group runs from 7th grade through 12th grade.  Curriculum is mature and thought-provoking. This group has many community service opportunities throughout the year and may also participate in our Youth Group (Jr Luther League and Sr. Luther League). 


The Jr. HS group starts their confirmation at this age.  The 7th grade class is the 1st year Confirmands and the 8th grade class is the 2nd year confirmands.  The 1st and 2nd year confirmands also make up our Jr. Luther League youth group.


1st year confirmands attend church service and Sunday school every week.  They meet twice a month on Sunday evenings for confirmation class.  


2nd year confirmands attend church service and Sunday school every week.  They meet once a month on Sunday evenings for confirmation class.


All Youth Groups participate in service projects such as:

30 Hour Famine

Cookies & Caroling

My Brother's Keeper

Souper Bowl of Caring 

Easter Egg Hunt

Halloween Haunted House

Other Special Projects As They Arise

Serve as Acolytes and Crucifers for Sunday Services


All Youth Groups participate in the following trips:

Wildwood, NJ

Dorney Park


2nd year confirmands and the HS class participate in the following retreats:


1.     God the Creator: this is a trip to the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium in NYC

2.     Issues of Life:  this retreat discusses stress, aging, grief, death and/or dying.  It includes a trip to a local funeral home.

3.     Vocations: this retreat explores different occupations and how they serve God.  There are trips to different places of work and guest speakers.

4.     Sexuality: this retreat helps the young people lean about the gift of sexuality and how to use it in a loving and committed relationship.  They also discuss how to deal with the pressures they face in school and other places and how to abstain from inappropriate and/or damaging behaviors.

5.     Occult: This retreat reviews the dangers of astrology, ghosts, Ouija boards, and other occult activities.

6.     Substance Abuse:  this retreat teaches how addictions to all harmful substances are dangerous and steps to recovery.

7.     Worshipping People of God:  this is the retreat the kids look forward to the most.  It is a trip to a Synagogue, a Chinese Lutheran Church and a Buddhist Temple all in Chinatown, NY.  The visits to the different worship buildings is followed up with SHOPPING!!