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Worship & Music

Meetings the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 4:00 PM
2022 Members
Leanna Wickline - Chairperson
Pastor Woody
Bill Below
Robert Jones



The Worship & Music Committee proudly oversees the following groups and events.  For more information you may contact a member of the committee or the church office.

Acolytes & Crucifers • Altar Flowers & Delivery • Altar Guild • Bell Choirs •  Chancel Choir & Special Event Choirs • Communion Assistants • Contemporary Worship • Decorating of the Sanctuary for Holidays and Special Events  • Greeters • Lectors • Musical Talents • Traditional Worship • Ushers • Youth Choirs


*If you would like more information on our Music Ministry, please contact the office.


"Thus it was not without reason that the fathers and prophets wanted nothing else to be associated as closely with the Word of God as music.  Therefore, we have so many hymns and Psalms where message and music join to move the listener's soul, while in other living beings and sounding bodies, music remains a language without words.  After all, the gift of language combined with the gift of song was only given to man to let him know that he should praise God with both words and music, namely, by proclaiming the Word of God through music and by providing sweet melodies with words."

~ Martin Luther ~

Our Mission Statement:

We shall assist in seeing that the services of God's house are conducted regularly and in accordance with the liturgy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, that competent ushers are recruited and trained, and that hymnals and other devotional materials are provided and properly cared for.  We shall supervise and strive to advance the welfare and effective service of the choirs and the congregation.  We shall arrange for the care of payments, vestments and musical instruments and, in consultation with the pastor, the organist and the choir director(s), we shall furnish music and worship supplies appropriate for us in the worship of a congregation of the ELCA.

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