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Building Use Policy





It is our belief that God has truly blessed us with the gift of a beautiful, modern facility and, if we are able to extend that gift to the members of our congregation and to the members of our community for their use, we shall do so if able.

The use of our facility or portions thereof shall be granted permitting the use does not interfere with events or activities taking place within the building by the church, by standing church committees, or by already approved building use.

If you are interested in requesting space for a function, either for personal use or for a non-profit organization, please contact the church office to see if the facility is available on your chosen date(s).   *Use will not be granted for any purpose which is prohibited by law.  St. Paul Lutheran Church reserves the right, on a case by case basis, to allow the use of its facility by a for-profit corporation or group, the fees for which, if permission is granted, shall be established by Council action, on a case by case basis.*


If space is available we ask that you please read, print and sign copies of both the Building Use Policy & Agreement form and the Request for Building Use form (below) and submit them to the church office a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your event.  Upon receipt of your forms, your request will be submitted to St. Paul's Congregational Council for final approval.  *St. Paul's Council meets the third Thursday of each month.*


Please be advised...


  • Smoking is prohibited within the building as is the use of candles unless pre-approved for ceremonial purposes. 

  • Under no circumstances may alcoholic beverages or illegal substances be brought onto any portion of the property or within the facility.

  • Helium/Mylar balloons are not permitted inside the building (even anchored and tied down) due to our smoke detection beams throughout the building.


St. Paul Lutheran Church has set forth the following rental fee schedule for the use of Spies Hall:

  • The rental fee for a period up to 4 hours is $250.00;

  • The rental fee for each additional hour is $50.00.

  • A Non-Refundable deposit of $100.00 is due at signing of Building Use Agreement.


Please include set-up and clean-up time within the event period you are requesting. For example, if you are planning a party from 1-5PM, you should allow at least one hour of additional time. (This may include the use of the fellowship hall kitchen if you are preparing food.)Using this example, the rental fee would be $250.00 for the first four hours plus $50.00 (a minimum of one hour for set-up and clean-up); a total of $300.00.

Classrooms can be rented.  Please contact our office at 570-629-1992 for Classroom rental fees.


Please click the links below to view and print our Building Use Forms

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