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For years, St. Paul Lutheran Church has made an impact on many people's lives. We are a place where God and his kingdom can be worshiped and praised during the good and bad times. Weekly worship services, community dinners, and Bible study sessions are all examples of activities that St. Paul takes part in. We believe in coming together to bring God even closer in our lives and in our hearts. We would love it if you would come join us! 


Grounded in faith and growing in grace, we share the Good News of Jesus Christ by word and deed in our local community and throughout the world.


We work diligently to create a safe and comfortable place where our loving God can be worshiped. We desire to bring people together to celebrate our faith in God and to build relationships within the church. 


We have several programs that assist the community and help shed a bright light on lives that are in need of more positivity. 





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Current 2024 Council Members

President: Bill Below

Vice President: Deb Storman

Council Secretary: Beth Werkheiser

Treasurer: Ingrid Unternahrer

Pastor: Rashion "Woody" Santiago

Additional Members:

Dawn Bartron

Linda Carrasquillo

Chris Kinsley, Sr.

Nicole Kresge

Carl Reindl 

Dawn Weiss

St. Paul Lutheran
Church Committees

         As Christians, we are compelled to give back in the form of our Time, Talent, and Treasures.  One way many of our members give back is to get involved with one of our many committees.  Do you have some spare time, just a few hours a month?  Do you have a talent, vocation, or hobby that could help the church?  Take a look through our list of committees and visit their individual pages to see if there is something you could be involved in.  It is easy to join up.  Just show up to the monthly meeting and pitch in.  Each committee has different responsibilities so if you have any questions about what each one does, just stop into our Sunday service and speak to someone who is already serving.  Any of our committee members will be happy to speak to you about their committee.



"Now Thank We All Our God"


Members of the church are encouraged to actively participate in the financial life and missions through pledges and annual giving along with the sharing of one's time and talents. Stewardship is an important way in which we can direct the church to accomplish God's mission.


God has made each of us a steward and has given us abilities and talents that are unique to us. We use these abilities and talents to serve God. Everything that we have comes to us as a gift from God. In the giving of our time, talent and treasure, we express back to God the love that He shows us in Jesus Christ.


The Bible tells us that God charges His people to be good stewards who respond to His love with gratitude and generosity. Jesus reminds us that where our treasure is, there will our hearts be also.


As Christians, we are given the great opportunity to joyfully put our hearts and treasures towards the work of God's kingdom. As stewards of St. Paul, each one of us shares the responsibility for fulfilling our vision of a church that loves and nourishes each member, reaches out to those who seek to know God, and shares our blessings with our community.


"You should each give, then, as you have decided, not with regret or out out of a sense of duty; for God loves the one who gives gladly."

Our Mission Statement:

It shall be the function of this committee to evoke and promote the expression of Christian faith in daily living; to teach the Christian use of money; to diffuse knowledge of the congregation's local, national and worldwide ministries; and to lead all its members to higher level of proportionate giving for the Lord's work.  This committee shall also be responsible for Every Member Response and other congregational efforts which lead to informed and grateful giving.

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