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Our Code of Conduct was adopted on June 6, 2010 by the congregation of St. Paul and should not be seen as a warning, but rather proudly embraced as our covenant to one another, and as a promise to our guests, that we, as members of St. Paul Lutheran Church and the Body of Christ, will welcome one another with a Christian heart and treat each other with courtesy, kindness and respect.



St. Paul Code of Conduct


Our Relationship as Members to One Another


† We will treat one another with courtesy and kindness.  We will endeavor to maintain an attitude of Christian love in all our relationships.


† We will welcome the expression of differing viewpoints and will seek to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence that will encourage free discussion.


† We will seek to keep confidences and will refrain from gossip.  We will seek in all we do and say to strengthen character and dignify personality.


† We will remember that our personal conduct gives evidence of our sincerity and reflects upon the good name of the Church, the Body of Christ.


† We will work within the framework of the constitution and by-laws of this congregation.  These guidelines will not supersede our own church’s constitution and by-laws but may be helpful in their revision.


† We will expect our officers and congregational members to manifest Christian principles in their conduct.


Guidelines for Congregational Unity

As per Matthew 18:15, St. Paul Lutheran Church has adopted these guidelines

in coordination with our existing Code of Conduct.



Should you have a difference of opinion with someone:

Speak directly with that person in an attempt to work things out, if you are unable...

The two of you reach out to Pastor, if you find that you still need guidance...

The two of you, plus Pastor meet with the Executive Committee, if you still need help...

Concern can then be taken to Church Council in an attempt to reconcile.

The last resort would be that the concern is taken to synod for final resolution.

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