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2020 Members
Carl Reindl - Chairperson
Ingrid Unternahrer
Gwen Mertens
Bill Mertens
Ron Unternahrer

All Members of the Church

Like any house, the church has many of the same maintenance and repair needs as your home.  But, unlike your home, the church is used by hundreds of people each week.  Imagine having 300 people over on Sunday for worship service!  Hundreds more use our building during the week as well.  All this use leaves its mark on our facility.  The Parish Administrator keeps an ongoing list of what needs to be maintained and the Property Committee is called upon regularly to meet those needs.  Though you may not see them in action, from changing light bulbs to shoveling and salting, Spring & Fall Clean-up, general maintenance like painting, plumbing, electrical and carpentry - this committee is the glue that holds it all together! 


If you are interested in sharing your time & talents with this committee, please contact a committee member or the office for more information.  New members are always welcome!


Our Mission Statement:

The Property Committee shall see to the proper maintenance and protection of all property of the congregation, and shall take care that same is kept in good repair.

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